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Below is a list of (hopefully) useful links for all members to enjoy.
It is regularly updated by John Clark (, so please contact him if you wish for anything to be included or removed from the below sections.
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Buying, Selling, Swapping

If anybody has items they wish to buy, sell or swap, please feel free to post it to the ILRC Facebook Page, where one of the sites admins will approve it for you. This is the fastest way to share things amongst our Land Rover community. You can also request to join this group without being a full club member (but to become a full club member and regularly take part in our activites, please see the Membership Page).

If you would like help posting your item, please feel free to contact John Clark directly by Facebook or email:


Logs or ramps suitable for parking on
Invicta Land Rover Club previously owned a collection of logs suitable for parking on at displays. Over time these rotted and we now all display on the flat. To gain our former reputation, we are looking for strong, smooth, durable logs - similar to those in the pictures.

The club are also considering using ramps instead. These would then be decorated to look like rocks. The added benefits of ramps include they are much more durable, they are lighter and easier to transport/store, and they are easier/safer to use in the wet.

If any members know where we could source logs or ramps (ideally for free, but possibly negotiable), please inform

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Club Links

Many club members can offer help regarding Land Rovers, but below are some of the professional businesses that members are part of (Land Rover, and non-Land Rover related):
[Please see further down for recommended non-member services].


Land Rover Related Services

  • Jon Kite - Tyre Fitter (for 'A1 Black n Round') - Based in Ramsgate
    Phone:  01843 866622
    Address:  10a, Pysons Road Industrial Estate, Lysander Close, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, CT10 2YJ
  • Malcolm 'Olly' Oliver - Bodywork & Vehicle Sprayer (for 'Deal Autocare') - Based in Deal
    Phone:  01304 360949 / 07971 295819
    Address:  28a Southwall Industrial Estate, Southwall Road, Deal, CT14 9QB

Non - Land Rover Services
  • John Clark - Professional Freelance Session Drummer
  • Stuart Golder - 'Goldtrax' ... Duo/Trio/Band performing pop covers from the fifties onwards, comprising of many genres to fill the dance floor


We all know insurance can be a bit costly ... especially when Land Rovers are high targets for theft. This is even more so the case when the drivers are young or the vehicles are highly modified. A potentially useful article with advice on how to knock down the price can be found here. Below are a list of the insurers our members are using and would recommend:

  • Admiral Multicar Cover -
    Recommended by: John Clark
    * Current insurer for John's 110 Defender (with lap belts)
    * Actually cheaper to insure long with family's other vehicles as part of multica policy.
  • 'Adrian Flux' -
    Recommended by: Charlie Flux, Michael Turpin, Ted Hill, Luke Baldock
    * Great discount on classic vehicle insurance for young drivers
    * Good with modified trucks, and their use off-road
  • 'Elephant' -
    Recommended by: John Clark
    * Only insurer for John's 110 Defender at the age of 19
    * Happy to insure him with lap-belts
    * Happy to insure him as a working musician
  • 'Footman James' -
    Recommended by: Jenny & Alec Spensley
    * Greatly discounted classic car insurance for vehicles from 15 years old
    * Free insurance for your second classic vehicle??!!
  • 'GoCompare' -
    Recommended by: John Clark
    * Ability to compare many car insurance quotes at a glance
    * Advertised by a talking Meerkat!
    ** Advised to talk to then contact insurance companies directly to discuss best deal for your vehicle.


To fight back against the theft of Land Rover's, we should all consider protecting our trucks as much as possible. We will never stop Land Rover's being stolen, but we can make them less desirable (harder, noiser, more time consuming) in the eyes of a theif. Below are a selection of Security devices some of our club members use and would recommend:


There are enless products on the market for protecting your vehicle, and endless varieties of each product. Below are just a select few that club members have suggested:

  • Disklok
  • Deadlock (for doors)
  • Gear Lock
  • Security Etching on Windows
  • Safe T Pedal (or similar)
  • Tracker
  • Isolation / Kill Switch (hidden in car)
    Free Ideas
    Below are some suggested ideas that will not cost you a thing, but may delay a thief long enough to save your vehicle:
  • Use another vehicle to box your Land Rover in when parked on the drive
  • Remove anything valuable from sight.
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    Other Recommendations

    Below are a selection of other Land Rover related things club members would recommend:

    The Dog & Duck Pub
    'The Dog & Duck Pub' at Plucks Gutter, Manston, is home to Invicta Land Rover Club's meetings, favoured for it's friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and perfect food. This child and dog friendly pub is sited at a caravan park in the country, with very good parking facilities.
    Proprietors - John & Jason

    01843 821264

    Gigglepin Land Rover Specialists
    Whether you are looking to fully customise your trck ready for off-roading, or looking to save a rotting truck from the scrap yard, 'Gigglepin4x4' have the expertise. (Many examples of their work can be seen on John Clark and Steve Fisher's trucks).

    01732 463600



    Creative Tax Discs
    A company producing retro 'original' tax discs for your vehicle, completely accurate in design and style. Click Here for the advert in the club magazine.

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    Vehicle Mechanic (Sandwich)
    Rich Norris
    Phone: 07968 015007
    A highly recommended professional mechanic based in Sandwich.
    (Recommended by 'Olly')

    Vehicle Mechanic (Whitstable)
    Phone: 01227 451913
    A recommended professional mechanic based near Whitstable.
    (Recommended by Jenny & Alec)

    Vehicle Mechanic (Medway)
    Danny England
    Phone: 07733 895051
    A highly recommended professional mechanic based in Medway.
    (Recommended by Stephen Porter & Charlie Thorn)

    Vehicle Mechanic (Mobile)
    Phone: 07816 937477
    A highly recommended professional mechanic who travels to you  (only does evenings and weekends ... any light, any weather).
    (Recommended by Stephen Porter)

    Vehicle Mechanic (Mobile)
    Phone: 07966 225735
    A recommended professional mechanic who travels to you.
    (Recommended by John Clark)

    Vehicle Mechanic (Mobile)
    Phone: 07821 080384
    A recommended professional mechanic who travels to you.
    (Recommended by John Clark)

    1st Call Windscreens Ltd
    Phone: 0800 731 5752  ..  07958 344072  ..  01795 474638
    A fast and efficient mobile windscreen repair/replacement service.

    Wet Roads
    A fantastic website listing all the UK's fords. Worth checking out if you enjoy a casual drive in the country lanes looking for some fun.

    How Rare Is My Car?
    A fun website to see just how many of your vehicle are still registered in the UK.

    MOT History Checker
    Ever worried that the car salesman is hiding the truth?  Ever seen a car on the road and wondered what work has been done? This MOT history checker lets you enter a registration number and access the official government records of that vehicles' time in the garage.

    Quirky Wedding Cars
    This company provide members of the public with the less common choice of wedding cars. They already have a beautiful Series IIa called 'Juf' on the team ... but may be looking for more quirky (excellent condition) Land Rovers to join their fleet.

    Leasing a Land Rover (or other vehicle)

    (Visit the webiste)
    This company leases vehicles of all manufacturers, but has a wide selection of modern Land Rovers available.  If you contact Pete McAllister, he has offered to waive administration payments to all club members from any lease (approx. £180 inc VAT).
    His email is:

    This company compares new and used cars from top local and regional dealers at the best prces.  Only suitable for newer vehicles (Freelander 2, Discos, new Range Rovers - No Series or Defenders).

    ILRC on Facebook

    The club's Facebook Page is a great place to chat to club members about Land Rover related issues; from technical mechanic queries to off-roading advice, and from buying/selling vehicles to reporting stolen vehicles in your area. We always aim to be a social club (all opinions offered are people's own, so cannot be taken liable), so come and join in!