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The monthly meetings are back on.
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Corona Update - Subs
Due to the corona virus temporarily pausing most ILRC activity, the ILRC committee have decided to pause your membership fee as well.

That's right, any members who have re-joined the club (or took the 'Early Bird Special' offer of £15 [valid until 9pm on 5th May 2020]), will have their membership valid open-endedly.  The next subs deadline repayment will be announced nearer the time of the next meeting at 'The Dog & Duck' (which will hopefully be April 2021).

... Take care of your trucks, take care of yourselves.  See you all soon.



  • The club raised £330 for the Air Ambulance during 2020.
  • Corona Convoys:  The committee are trying to plan a few more convoys over the pandemic, after the success of our Herne Bay run.  Future events will be listed on the events page and Facebook page.  See the latest 'ILRC update' announcement on our Facebook page.
  • You can now pay for club membership and club shop items by bank transfer.  Just message Ted on Facebook for the details.
  • Please send Jules and Phil any blogs for the magazine with your TLC (Tender Landy Care) over lockdown.
  • BEWARE! Land Rover thefts are on the rise again. Security advice can be found on the Links Page.
  • The Club Shop is now advertised online!

    (Sorry, no direct online purchases, but we can arrange bank transfer for purchase).
  • The club is interested in owning more logs (or ramps) to park on. Please see Links Page for details.
  • Please feel free to send John Clark three different pictures of your truck, the truck's name, engine size and model to feature on the Members Page. Also, please check your truck's details and let any amendments needed be known. Many thanks.

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Please check out the club's Facebook Page and scroll through for recent trucks and items for sale, member's latest news and questions and upcoming (sometimes last minute) event organising.

In Other News

Tim Letley Cup (TLC) Winner 2020
Due to the outbreak of Corona Virus and the enforced lockdown on all social gatherings, the 2020 Tim Letley Cup was awarded in a slightly different way.  Tim's legacy was always to help people in need, so it only seemed fitting that during the pandemic, this award would be given to the '2020 Heros' ... all NHS and key workers who are devoting their time during this lockdown to help other people.

Tim Letley Cup (TLC) Winner 2019
Richard Francis was voted the Tim Letley Cup winner of 2019.
Here is what was said on the day:
More details about the Tim Letley Cup can be found
on the About Page.
"This year’s winner is somebody who embraces the truest values of what our Tim was all about.

There to help anybody and everybody but not once seeking thanks or reward and usually disappearing into the

background once the job is done.

This person is there with advice, help or even a natter and a cup of tea if that is what is needed, and we all

know how important tea is to Landrover owners!

He, yes I said he… was a great friend of our son and like Tim he is going to probably hate this moment as Tim

would never ever seek the limelight.

So with the maximum of embarrassment and a very large round of applause please put your hands together

for the 2019 winner of the “Tim Cup” --- Mr Richard Francis….".

Tim Letley Cup (TLC) Winner 2018

Ted Hill was voted the Tim Letley Cup winner of 2018.
Here is what he had to say:

"Well what a surprise that was! Thank you all that voted for me. It's nice to feel appreciated but like the other commitee members, we do it because we love our club and not for reward. Thanks again. The trophy is sitting in pride of place in my conservator. I promise to dust it regularly".

More details about the Tim Letley Cup can be found on the About Page.

Jousting For One

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On Sunday 8th July, Invicta Land Rover Club were once again asked to put on a performance at the River County Fete.  Despite being a small show for the village, our club have been known for the traditional live exhibition in the ring; a highlight amongst the dog show, dance schools and village stalls.

Previous entertainment provided by the club in the mini arena have included figure-of-eight chaos driving, dancing in tutus, and balloon jousting. The latter was requested again by the new organisers for the 2018 show.

Unfortunately, only two members turned up this year for the show; The Letleys and Olly. However, Olly's TD5 was poorly with a blown head gasket, so only the Series 3 was able to enter the ring. (Ironic, as previously The Smurfs said J.C. would struggle to make the tight turns).  Determined not to let the locals down, they re-organised the jousting for one, and even got their pic in the local Dover paper.  Well done guys.  Lets hope more club members can support this event next year.

Tim Letley Cup (TLC) Winner  2017

John Clark would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted him as the Tim Letley's Cup 'Club Member of the Year'.

He looks forward to continued fun with the club, and further website and recruitment duties.

More details about the Tim Letley Cup can be found on the About Page.

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  • The Original Truck
  • Mike Turpin's Truck
  • Mike Turpin's Truck
Mike Turpin to the Rescue

John Clark would like to thank Mike Turpin (on behalf of Damian Young) for helping out at rather short notice for the 'Sci-Fi by the Sea' event at Herne Bay, on Sunday 25th June 2017.

Damian Young, an organiser of the event, found the Invicta Land Rover Club website online and sent John an email during Friday afternoon. He was looking for a close match to the truck in a picture, needed to promote the sale of a Tardis for charity. The truck he had originally booked had to pull out (reasons unknown). After going through the options, John messaged Mike who kindly agreed to step up to the mark for this event.

This modern day version of the classic scene went down well.
Invicta Land Rover Club to the rescue!

See the reason for it here.

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If anybody has Land Rover related questions, we have a Facebook Page available to help you. This is used to discuss all events and land rover related queries (like a modern-day forum page).

For any immediate questions (related to the club), please contact John Clark at johnthedrummer@hotmail.co.uk, on Facebook or use the form below: