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Meet the Committee:

  • Chairman - Malcolm 'Olly' Oliver
  • Vice Chairman - Phil Letley
  • Secretary - Jules Letley
  • Treasurer -  Ted Hill
  • Communications - John Clark
  • (Founder - Clem Lee)
  • (Life President - Ken Harmes)

If you have anything you would like included in the website, please contact John Clark (johnthedrummer@hotmail.co.uk).

Website Last Updated: 16.October.2017

Dates for Your Diary

[Your 6 Week Guide]
Please see Events for full details.


* Sun 22nd - Elham Valley - Autumn Bash (off-road day)

* Tue 7th - Club Meeting



  • On behalf of the club and committee, a big thankyou to Steve and Gary for arranging the Dymchurch to Brighton 'Magical Mystery Tour'.  Hopefully this will now be an annual event.
  • Welcome to newest member: Sarah Porter
    (now a member in her own right, with her own truck).
  • The Club Shop is now advertised online!

    (Sorry, no direct online purchases).
  • The club is interested in owning more logs (or ramps) to park on. Please see Links Page for details.
  • Please send John Clark three different pictures of your truck, the truck's name, engine size and model to feature on the Members Page.

In Other News

Get Well Soon Olly!

Every club member - 2 legs or 4 - would like to wish our chairman Olly a speedy recovery from his 2nd op.  He remains in high spirits, and is looking forward to returning to the club as his 'normal'' self next year. Now safely at home, the hardest part will be keeping still!

Tim Letley Cup (TLC) Winner

John Clark would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted him as the Tim Letley's Cup 'Club Member of the Year'.

He looks forward to continued fun with the club, and further website and recruitment duties.

More details about the Tim Letley cup can be found on the About Page.

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  • The Original Truck
    The Original Truck
  • Mike Turpin's Truck
    Mike Turpin's Truck
  • Mike Turpin's Truck
    Mike Turpin's Truck
Mike Turpin to the Rescue

John Clark would like to thank Mike Turpin (on behalf of Damian Young) for helping out at rather short notice for the 'Sci-Fi by the Sea' event at Herne Bay, on Sunday 25th June.

Damian Young, an organiser of the event, found the Invicta Land Rover Club website online and sent John an email during Friday afternoon. He was looking for a close match to the truck in a picture, needed to promote the sale of a Tardis for charity. The truck he had originally booked had to pull out (reasons unknown). After going through the options, John messaged Mike who kindly agreed to step up to the mark for this event.

This modern day version of the classic scene went down well.
Invicta Land Rover Club to the rescue!

Club Forum & Main Contact:

If anybody has Land Rover related questions, we have a Forum Page and a Facebook Page available to help you.

For any immediate questions (related to the club), please contact John Clark at johnthedrummer@hotmail.co.uk, or using the form below: